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We collaborate with the greatest wedding specialists to offer you with a wide range of services and to plan your civil wedding ceremony just how you want it…

Let us help you plan the wedding of your dreams by celebrating the spirituality of a Catholic wedding mass in Mykonos…

A stunning Orthodox wedding in Mykonos is set against a backdrop of stunning churches or chapels, whitewashed residences, and the mild weather of the island…

Even if same-sex marriage is still illegal in Greece, you may still celebrate your love in Mykonos, as many gay and lesbian couples do every year…

In the place of your choice, exchange vows and wishes for good fortune, luck, dedication, support, and commitment! We’ll make this extremely important day even more amazing…

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We take pleasure in creating visually unforgettable wedding days that cater to every taste while paying attention to the slightest of details. Discover the joy of having our expertise and the stunning nature of Mykonos island as sources of inspiration for a unique wedding. Get started right away!


TEL: +30 210 3319761
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TEL: +30 2810 280040
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+30 210 3319761
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